AI for Marketers: An Introduction and Primer, Third Edition

Christopher S. Penn
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The march of artificial intelligence (AI) is relentless, and in marketing, nearly every software vendor is promising it in some fashion. But what does AI truly mean, and how does it apply to your work?

In this expanded and improved third edition, marketers will learn even more examples and applications of AI as it applies to modern marketing. From attribution analysis to topic modeling to forecasting, learn how AI is already impacting the work you do and how it will change the fundamentals of marketing.

You'll also learn how to prepare your company or organization for AI, how to prepare your career for AI (and whose jobs are most at risk), and the many, many things AI cannot do - and probably won't for some time.

When you're done reading this book, you'll have a strong sense of what's possible with AI and machine learning when it comes to marketing, a blueprint for how to integrate it into your company, and perhaps even a desire to try it out for yourself. You'll be able to see through AI sales pitches from vendors and talk a little bit of shop with data scientists and AI engineers.

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